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Thread: Crime on the East ?

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    Default Crime on the East ?

    Hi guys just a quick question on crime.

    Although I know there is still crime in NZ I was a bit shocked by some data online I saw yesterday about areas on the East, Napier, Gisborne and hastings. It stated that violent and sexual crime is on a increase. :icon_confused: As safety for my kids is paramount could anyone tell me if this is accurate info as it is an area we had considered.


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    Default Crime on the East ?

    Murder offences down in 2003 to 46 from 66 in 2002

    Sexual offences down nationally by 7.4 percent

    Homicides down to 104 offences from 122 in 2002

    The road toll down to its third lowest rate on record

    Cannabis related offences down 5.4 percent

    Total crime per 10,000 head of population down in eight of the country's 12 police districts

    Violence resolution rate up nationally to 79.9 percent

    Resolution rates up in nine of the 12 police districts

    Enforcement of local body liquor bans have seen offences under the Sale of Liquor Act rise 138.4 percent

    A $29m vehicle replacement programme, new police stations built, others refurbished

    Northland police district topping the country's resolution rate at 51.8 percent, with a 6.4 percent reduction in overall recorded crime

    Counties Manukau: the largest reduction in crime in four years, including 709 less recorded burglaries and an 8.4 percent drop in violence


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    Default Crime on the East ?

    Flipping heck mate where did all that come from :038: When you said you did your research you weren?t kidding! Thanks though that's put my mind at rest. I think, might have to read again lots to take in. Like your driving in NZ description. Funny!

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    Default Crime on the East ?

    You have to remember, that a 'sharp' increase in the NZ crime rate is about 100 extra crimes across the whole country for the entire year!

    The UK dont seem consider it a sharp rise unless its an extra 1000 crimes a day! And the resolution rate? Turning up on the victims doorstep 3 hours after the event is their idea of resolution.

    Cant blame the officers I suppose, so many crimes, so little staff and budget, but in NZ they do seem to want to keep on top of the crime rate, and the police force is very well funded, although still suffers from staff shortages in certain areas.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Crime on the East ?

    Don't forget also that almost every major crime, murder, theft, etc, is reported in our media, it makes us seem worse than we are, especially as a case can recieve up to 8 seperate mentions as it proceeds.

    Other countires wouldn't even consider mst of our crimes as newsworthy.

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    Default Crime on the East ?

    Well I thought that but I was just checking. In the uk I'm scared for my kids, we live in a quite rural village just outside Doncaster and My 14year old can just about get hold of any drug ( If we gave her the chance).She not inpressed to be so closely monitered at almost 15, but their is so much peer pressure here now. Kids carrying knifes and a shooting just reported in Doncaster. Scary stuff! So thanks for the info guys. Hopefully coming out to NZ for a visit about August /Sept might be freezing! :smiley5: Least it will be a realistic view and not just sunshine clouding our judgement. Coming without kids though, so we can get around and look at the oppotunities.

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