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    Default lifestyle blocks

    We would love to be abe to buy something where we can keep a few chickens, ducks and pigs. Nothing massive as it will not be a full time occupation and we would still have to commute to work.

    Does anyone have any information of costs, where abouts in the Christchurch area these blocks are located. Are they any tax advantages to being classed as a "farm" - there are in the UK, a friend bought 2 sheep to take advantage of this.

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    Default lifestyle blocks

    Hi moggy

    Lifestyle block is just what we want if possible. I wondered if you would have to pay more for the land, so the tax issue would be great if thats available in NZ. They really seem to vary alot in price maybe the area has a lot to do with it. We did see one 4 bed, 5 acres nr Mt Taranaki for under 100k thats british pounds. is too good to be true ? I thought that was excellent as a terrace costs that in the north of uk now.

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