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Thread: info on napier anybody???

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    Default info on napier anybody???

    Hi, thinking of moving later this year, both mid forties, two sons 21&19.
    looking for a warm climate, sailing and beach activities...and a few jobs!
    we have been to napier (passed through) and thought it an option. can anyone tell me if it will be good for the lads! what are good areas to live.?

    we also like tauranga /papamoa/ mt maungani
    any info would help.
    thanks :icon_cool:

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    Default info on napier anybody???

    We live in Tauranga, and are now leaving it as the job situation here is very bad indeed! Although I can only really speak for IT jobs, there seems to be little else around too.

    I would look VERY carefully in to what jobs are available in the areas you look at, before making any decisions! Napier is quite a small place, so I dont think there will be much there on the job side either to be honest, but I've not researched that. (they do have good beer and bbq festivals in Napier, i've heard!)

    All the best

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    Default info on napier anybody???

    It's a great area for investing in property - we have a person that regularly posts in our discussion forums that owns 60 properties in the Hawkes Bay region including Napier.

    If you are in viticulture, farming, horticulture - you'll more than likely be in demand. With NZ being a small country the main centres offer the best opportunities in corporate roles.



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    Default info on napier anybody???

    Dear Papa,
    I lived in Napier for a year a few years ago and loved it. Great weather, great wine, great people (obviously).
    I'm not sure how a 21 and 19 yr old would fair though. It depends on what they are like. If they are going to want kicking nights out in trendy bars every night and the hustle and bustle of a big city then maybe it's not the place for them. However, if they are quite laid back and enjoy outdoor stuff/surfing etc they'll do just fine. As the previous poster said, jobs might be an issue for them as although it's a "city" there are only about 25-30,000 people there (although Hastings is nearby too, so double that).
    Hope that helps,

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