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Thread: Moving into a caravan

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    Default Moving into a caravan

    Now I havent gone absolutely off my head but I just thought!!! Lots of people here live in a static caravan until their new house is built.We hope to buy a property fairly quickly once we arrive but of course thats not something you would want to dive into for a month or two even though weve done our research in our chosen area and are aware of current prices and other costs.We would have to rent for a few months or would the caravan idea be an option and possibly much cheaper than renting which looks pretty steep.We visited N.Z. for a month earlier this year but thinking back I dont remember many caravans, plenty mobile homes but that would be a bit cramped where as caravans are like little houses nowadays ::):

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    Default Moving into a caravan

    Hi nyrem,
    I've found a site selling used caravans/motor homes. I cant see any static caravans though. Maybe they are more a British thing! Anyway, from what I can see, some of the caravans are nearly the cost of a small house!

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