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Thread: Gisborne and jobs

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    Default Gisborne and jobs

    We toured N.Z. in April for a month with a view to looking into employment , housing etc.We have all our forms gathered up ready to go. We loved Gisborne and its where we would like to settle.At least we THINK thats where we would like to be,my husband and I are support workers working with learning difficulties and we gathered that jobs are 10 a penny does anyone have any information on the job situation in that area, places I could contact etc.Any downsides to the Gisborne area?

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    Default Gisborne and jobs

    Hi Nyrem,
    I read in a rather interesting book that Gisborne is a lovely area, but very rural. I believe (correct me if i'm wrong!) that it is a predominantly wine growing region, with not much else. A few nice touristy sites but very much a wine region. I'm not sure that there would be an incredible demand for your skills in that particular area, as it is also quite a small town.

    You might want to look in to some of the surrounding areas, or at least travel times to neighbouring Hawkes bay and Bay of plenty, for the bigger towns like Napier and Tauranga. There will probably be better work prospects there.

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