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Thread: Growth?

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    Default Growth?

    Hey anybody,

    Does anybody know which areas are experiencing significant growth in population at the moment? I was wondering if Taupo was getting more popular? What about Taranaki? Even Wellington. These are places that I would consider moving to, but as I won't be moving for a few years yet I was wondering if these places would be bigger and better (or worse) when I get there? Any thoughts anyone...?

    Dan-ish :P

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    Default Growth?

    It's all growing Dan! Although the general opinion seems to be the Tauranga area which is the fastest growing.

    Oakuradunn is the 'Naki boy here, so perhaps he could shine some light on that one?!

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    Default Growth?

    Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the places we've been to so far...

    Really busy, not very kiwi-like, but nice. Although I don't think I'd like to live there - it's too busy for my liking. I'm moving to Nz for a slower pace of life - definately not like that in Auckland. Plus, because of the Uni and language schools, the area that we were staying in (Mount Eden) was quite 'foriegn' with very few actual kiwis around! It's the kiwi friendliness that I'm here for too, so Auckland isn't on my shortlist. (Although a nice place to visit!!)

    This seemed like a nice town, although didn't spend very long here. We stayed right on the coast which was lovely, and made a quick trip to the town which was also nice. With a population of around 45,000, it;s a nice size and not too busy for me! (We've applied for jobs here already!)

    New Plymouth.
    We both really liked New Plymouth. What with the mountain and beaches, best of both worlds for us! Plus we went into town on Monday and it was really quiet (maybe too quiet?...) - parking and traveling around was easy, and the people were really friendly. And the house prices very reasonable too. Think it's going on our shortlist...

    Palmerston North.
    We arrived here yesterday so haven't seen much yet, although initial impressions are good. The town is nice and it's not too busy. I'll update you once we've been here a while...

    Hope this gives a little idea for you.

    Any thing else, let me know.



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    Default Growth?

    Hi Jodie,
    I'm so jealous :)

    Please keep us posted.



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    Default Growth?


    Thanks for the update, it's much appreciated and i look forward to hearing from you again

    Lisa :D

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