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Thread: warm weather in NZ?

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    Default warm weather in NZ?

    I am wondering about the climate in New Zealand. I am a "warm weather" person and am wondering about some good sources of info??


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    Default warm weather in NZ?

    Hi Paige,
    You can find loads of weather information at the following link

    Hope that helps

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    Default warm weather in NZ?

    Try this site

    It give most everthingyou might want to know in Excel format or nice image files...


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    Default warm weather in NZ?

    we've been here for 2 weeks now and I was expectingbad weather with it being winter and all,but the weather's been fantastic so far! (Famous last words...)

    It's been sunny and around 10 - 15 degrees depending on where you are in the country. If this is as bad as it gets,I'm loving it! (It's pretty cold at night tho and whatwith kiwi houses having no central heating, a hot water bottle,electric blanket and oil heater are thoroughly recommended!)


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    Default warm weather in NZ?

    From what I've read and heard you are experienceing a typical NZ winter (very similar to a scottish summer) I think I am right in saying that come the summer you'll be getting it a bit hotter but not 100 degrees in the shade.. I keep reading about it raining a lot...
    Is this true..

    I'm waterproof myself so it doesn't really worry me personally...

    Jodie, hope things are going well for you...

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