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Thread: room or small house to rent palmerston south island

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    Default room or small house to rent palmerston south island

    Hi All
    I am moving from the UK to New Zealand withen the next few weeks and I am looking to rent a small house / apartment / room in Palmerston however I am having trouble finding somewhere to rent I have searched all the property websites that I have found and I don`t seem to see many propertys to rent only to buy ?

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    Cheek Try roommates or real estate for rent. There should be at east one real estate agent in the area that specializes in rental property. You just need to find out who that is. Anyone on the area will know.


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    In my experience, most rentals in the area are not listed on the internet - you need to speak with real estate agents to see what they have currently listed - there won't be that many in Palmerston. Palmerston will be covered by real estate agents from Dunedin. I would also recommend that you view rentals before signing any agreement - the quality of rental properties is variable with many quite poor. It might be better to book a B&B for a couple of weeks to give yourself a chance to see what is around. Good luck.

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    Default House to rent in Palmerston

    This trademe search shows two houses to rent in Palmerston, and this one shows a few down the road in Waikouaiti and Karitane

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