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Thread: house hold bills. Council tax, electricity, gas, water etc.... ?

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    Default house hold bills. Council tax, electricity, gas, water etc.... ?

    Hi all
    I have been looking at rental propertys as I assume thats the only option I have with hopefully coming to New Zealand on a WTR visa. I now have a good idea of rental prices per/week and per/month for the area I will want to live (Dunedin) I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on other costs that I will have to consider ?
    Many thanks

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    When renting a property, your landlord is responsible for paying council rates. Depending on the region, you may have to pay water usage rates, but generally you are responsible for all services such as power/gas/phone and your own contents insurance if you want it.

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    One other item will be your security bond for any damages you may do which can vary. Since you will be in Dunedin you should be conscious of the position of the sun to a property. It is a big deal here so don't underestimate it. If you don't get all day sun the place can be damp and cold plus your heating costs will be a lot higher in the winter. All kiwis know this so it is second nature but a newcomer might not take it into consideration. Electricity per kilowatt is much higher here.


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