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Thread: My parents wants to move to NZ

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    Question My parents wants to move to NZ

    Hello there.

    Now I have been holding my permanent residency for 2 years. I have a kiwi wife and a daughter. My sister is studying in a university on student visa.

    My parents are looking into purchasing a property so they can possibly move to NZ so we can look after them when they are much older.

    They are in early 60's, and would like to know the followings.

    1. Non-New Zealander is allowed to own real estate in NZ ? Is there any condition?
    2. If we(Japanese) own a house and live ( say, some months in a year ),do we have to acquire any visa ?

    Also I would like to know if we can help them acquiring permanent residency since I hold a permanent residency with a wife who is a New Zealand citizen.

    Many thanks.

    I plan to call the immigration soon but people behind this site always have been big help.

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    Welcome back Daisukey ,

    Once you have held PR for 3 years you can sponsor your parents for residency in NZ. Be aware, it can take some time.
    Quick Check
    Can I sponsor my parent
    You can use the links on the left hand side of these pages too.

    Your parents should be able to purchase property in NZ. I believe the only restrictions might be where they buy. Usually, the best sites e.g. on the edge of a lake or river are reserved for kiwis to buy but I don't know how well this is enforced. If your parents buy a property and want to stay in NZ for some time, they would only be able to stay as long as their visit visa permitted. Owning a property makes no difference to how long you can stay in the country.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi MotherBear.

    Thank you again for the information.

    Kind regards,

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