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Thread: best place for children?

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    Smile best place for children?

    hi would appreciate any advice please... we are hoping to emigrate next year. Hubbie is an aircraft engineer and we have a son who is nearly 5 can anyone recommend anywhere that has good schools/ good facilities for children and generally good place to bring up kiddies please.

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    The starting point is really down to where your hubbie gets a job as that will determine where you settle. Once you know that, you can fine-tune your choices to that particular area. Generally NZ seems to be a good place to bring up kiddies and many find it easy to settle down there. Depending where you will live, there are many activities available.
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    MB has mostly answered the quesion. Most of Nz is great for children, and you will need to base yourself where your work is.

    We've been here for 2 years (when we emigrated we were bringing with us a 4 year old, and 2 year old daughter). We found it so surprising to see so many play areas / parks dotted about everywhere.

    As an example, we live in a little cul-de-sac on the outskirts of a small town. Within 2 mins, we have a local park with swings / slide etc. 5 mins walk there is another, and about 7 mins walk away there is a really big play park.

    Children are allowed to be children here more ... when you go out to eat, there is less pressure to try and keep your kids quiet and well behaved. Most eatery places have a small box of toys.

    For us, we do believe that they have more freedom and more opportunities. For a starter, our NZ garden is not the size of a postage stamp, and the kids can play outside to their hearts content. We now have a veg patch which the children help with growing food, and is an excellent way to get them to eat new veg.

    Our oldest plays with the local rugby club every week - most school aged children do a sport out of school hours.

    We are about 5 mins from the beach - and you would not believe how quiet the beaches are here. There are also 3 mountain bike tracks here that are family friendly (and suitable for a 4 year old to cycle). This is without mentioning the endless walks, mountains, forests, lakes for weekend explorations.
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    Probably a smaller town or city in the South Island as they'll be less likely to be exposed to crime or anything. Also better sense of community.

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    Default Hey

    Totally agree with Lou,

    We came over with a 2 year old and have found most places to be pretty child friendly, we are too in the South island and just Like Lou said there are plenty of things to do here.

    Each area has its own pro's and con's but given the choice of where to rasie a family uk or nz I would always go for nz
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    Well we're here in Christchurch and it's very child friendly, people seem to go out of their way to interact with kids here in shops, parks or just walking down the road. We have parks almost around every corner and cycling is very popular. Lots of people play sport in the parks at weekends and evenings and the level of politeness is a breath of fresh air.
    Children seem to have a completely different attitude at school here to the UK in my experience, very happy.

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