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Thread: Landlords likely to be biggest losers

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    Default Landlords likely to be biggest losers

    Landlords likely to be biggest losers
    By Anne Gibson View as one page
    4:00 AM Tuesday May 18, 2010

    The Budget's changes to the housing market could force rents up in the $200 billion sector but deliver first-home buyers big opportunities.

    ASB economist Chris Tennent-Brown said falling home ownership rates needed to be redressed and the Budget might be just the vehicle to achieve that.

    "It would be nice to see the first-home buyer on the same footing as the landlord when they're competing to buy a house. At the moment, the landlord has all the tax benefits and the first-home buyer can't compete."

    A sudden, sharp rental price rise or a flood of rental housing hitting the market were unlikely outcomes in the short term, Mr Tennent-Brown said.

    "It will gradually become apparent that housing is less attractive than it used to be to those who hold considerable amounts. Budget changes have the potential to have a real impact over the next year."

    QV senior registered valuer Glenda Whitehead is predicting a shortage of rental properties, and rising rents.

    More here.
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    Landlords aren't going to be the biggest losers if they pass the costs on to tenants

    First the GBP currency crisis and now this!

    Jof (who is getting relatively poorer every day)

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