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Thread: troublee in finding job

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    Default troublee in finding job

    I got approval from immigration for Work To Resident permit. And i need to find job in ICT field. I'm really having trouble in finding job. I have tried to look jobs in trademe,, and papers and send over my resume. But i did not receive any feedback. Is anyone out there knowing other way to find job?

    Any tips will be appreciated...



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    By "ICT" do you mean "Information and communication technology"?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff View Post
    By "ICT" do you mean "Information and communication technology"?
    hi cliff...

    yes it is...

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    Those are the main ways to find work if you are not here to do the "door knocking" approach of going around and asking in person. Everyone is finding it difficult at the moment, and any perceived difficulty of employing someone from overseas may make it even more difficult for you than for a Kiwi. If you think this might be the case, it may be worth putting together information for potential employers to answer any concerns they might have regarding their role in the immigration process.

    It is worth telling everyone you know who lives in or knows people in an area that you are looking for work. They may know someone who knows someone who needs someone. A lot of jobs are not advertised.

    I would suggest you review your applications to check whether they are standing out in the right way. Check whether you are emphasising the right points for each job. One thing to note is don't say just what you can do, but the skills that are needed to do it. Only include relevant things in any detail. An unrelated job that has relevant skills should be mentioned briefly, and the skill emphasised over the job.

    Also make sure the presentation is at a high level - use correct spelling and grammar etc. Get someone with an eye for detail to proofread it for you.
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    Default not a good time

    It certainly is not the best time to find a job and it can be very frustrating.

    For one, Dunedin has very few jobs about about the moment.
    But, then as my wife is finding few companies appear to take on no Kiwi's when things are tight, and we cant really blame then.

    My wife finds it all very frustrating as she just wants part time work to help me more people, but companies have said she is over qualified or most the time dont even respond.
    Its very much a case of not what you know but who you know...

    They dont seam to realise that we gave up very good salaries and great jobs to start a new life in NZ!

    But, all you can do is keep on applying and keep fingers crossed..

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    Thumbs up Applying for Jobs

    Just wanted to throw my two penneth into this thread.
    I applied for a number of posts based in NZ when I was still in the UK with limited response.
    Once I arrived in NZ and did the same thing I found that there was much more interest in me.
    I was told by employers that although people are most welcome to apply for jobs whilst in other countries it doesn't beat being in the country you are applying for work in.
    Companies don't want to take a gamble (don't take that word the wrong way) on someone who might (or might not) arrive in NZ to take up an offer of employment leaving the company/organisation back at square one. Take into account the current global economic situation and there is one less reason to again gamble on someone who is based overseas.
    Having said all that the job I eventually secured was one I applied for whilst in the UK. I got an interview the second week I arrived in NZ and was offered the job at interview.
    Talk about surreal but hey however it works is all good.
    Good luck finding something.

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