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Thread: Secondary Education- kids ready to take GCSE in couple of years

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    Default Secondary Education- kids ready to take GCSE in couple of years

    We have submitted our ITA in Nov09. We have received message about lodgement date. We have three daughters aged 13,12 and 3y. The older girls are doing really we in their schools. Oldest will be starting her GCSE this september. The middle one is in a very good grammar school. They both are in the top sets in their years. We have being debating about either move to NZ as soon as we get our visa i.e. end of this year or wait another couple of years until they have GCSEs out of the way. Can someone help us with the info about secondary school education? Thanks

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    Hi Prem80uk. welcome.

    If you look on here under Education Related Sites, there are some links that may contain some useful information. This one explains about the education system. It is a difficult decision to shift your girls, especially when they are doing so well in school and there is no guarantee of how well they will settle into new schools in a new country. There can be differences between the kiwi way of schooling and, say, that of the UK. Some people love this because they see their children thriving as individuals, but others don't because they feel their children aren't being 'pushed' enough.

    Regarding your residency visa and your comments about waiting a couple of years until your daughters have done their GCSEs , I'm wondering if you realise that, when you get PR you need to go to NZ within 12 months to activate it otherwise you will lose it. Once it has been activated you can leave again, but should return before 2 years is up as your Returning Residents' Visa will expire then and whether or not it can be renewed is down to how INZ sees your level of commitment to the country because you haven't been living there since getting your residency.
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    Thanks MotherBear for your quick and very helpful reply. We were aware of the fact that we'll have to activate the visa within 12 months. Its a very good point from you that if we decide to do that and come back it will look bad on our PR visa. My girls are quite excited about moving to NZ. They would like to go into Medicine/Law. As a parent I don't want to mess with their future and want to be sure that they can choose whatever they want to do in NZ. I'll research into kiwi education system. Thanks again for your help.

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