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Thread: 650,000 injured at home in 2008

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    Default 650,000 injured at home in 2008


    650,000 injured at home in 2008
    By BECK ELEVEN - The Press
    Last updated 05:00 07/09/2009

    Kiwi houses can be deadly places, with 573 Kiwis dying at home as a result of accidents last year.

    Injuries in homes cost New Zealanders over $640 million.

    ACC figures released today to launch Safety New Zealand Week provide "shocking evidence" that Kiwis are not taking home safety seriously.

    Last year, 650,000 people were injured in their homes, with 25,000 hospitalised.

    In Canterbury, there were 81,000 injuries at home.

    ACC general manager for injury prevention Katie Sadleir said nearly half the accidents in the home resulted in death more than on roads, in workplaces or on the sports field. The most dangerous areas are kitchens, bathrooms and stairways. Many of the accidents were avoidable.

    "Not only is there a large social cost with people hurt and unable to live their normal lives, but the financial cost to the country is massive. Last year, home accidents cost New Zealanders over $640 million," Sadleir said.

    "Most of us consider our home to be our sanctuary a place to unwind, spend time with family and friends and maybe to do some DIY. We don't really think that we could be seriously injured in our own house, but the statistics show a different story."

    ACC's tips for improving home safety include increasing the number of rings on a landline to reduce the risk of falling when rushing to pick up a ringing phone; using non-slip bath mats; wearing shoes or slippers on wooden floors; keeping rooms clear of clutter; and lighting uneven surfaces.

    Other tips include ensuring sliding glass doors are visible by adding a frosted panel or coloured sticker; turning down the hot-water temperature to under 54 degrees Celsius; and sticking down rugs with velcro or tape.

    Christchurch resident Sean Mawhinney was charging his camera batteries when he got an electric shock so severe he was sent flying across the room, hitting his head on the edge of the kitchen counter.

    He remained unconscious for three hours and spent several nights in Christchurch Hospital.

    Neurologists advised him to take four months off work. The shock damaged his vision, hearing, speech and basic motor skills along his right side.

    Mawhinney had to relearn basic tasks like tying his laces.


    One New Zealander is injured in their home every 48 seconds.

    Every 10 days, one child dies from an accident in the home.

    4000 Kiwis are injured off ladders every year.

    30,000 injuries a year happen on stairs at home.

    500 people a week are injured using tools at home.

    120 children aged under five lost a finger, toe or limb due to an accident at home last year.

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    The numebrs are quite huge and scary

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