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    Hello again
    This may not be the right place to post this question but i"ll try.
    We have another dialema.
    I was planning to land at Auckland, rent a car and just find the hotel in the city without reservations. Then drive around the country.

    Now I am wondering if it would be better to book something 15-20 minutes away from Auckland where it is less hectic and then just drive.. Maybe wine country.

    So, what you think.. Do I need to make a resirvation or can I just walk in. Should it be in the city or away?
    I have planty of links ho Bed and Breakfast here in California but couldnt find any for Auckland.
    Please help with your opinions. Greatly appretiate it.

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    You could look at Wotif for hotels in and around Auckland or look on our NZ Website List under Travel and Transportation related sites/Accommodation for some ideas. It always gives peace of mind to book ahead but, if you select a few options and it isn't during the peak holiday season, you would probably find somewhere without first booking.
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