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Thread: Difficult step one – Please help us

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    Default Difficult step one – Please help us


    My wife an I are in our mid 30th and currently are residents (and citizens) of California.
    My wife has been working in a medical field for a total of 6 years and currently holds Physician Assistant position. She specializes in surgical and plastic reconstructive work.
    I am an IT professional, currently hold a Help Desk Manager position.

    About 6 month ago, we seriously started thinking of moving out of the USA.
    All those who moved away know exactly why.
    We are considering to move somewhere close to Auckland.

    As a first step, we decided to take a two weeks vacation and fly over to NZ and just to spend some time there. No resorts, nothing fancy. Try to get the feel for the energy of the land.

    My hopes are to be able to talk to either migrant agent or prospective employment agencies while we are there to help us get a better picture on our options.
    The IT position is not a huge concern to me, as I learned with 10 years experience I should find something fairy quickly (or notL).

    As for my wife, her position and her USA license allow her to do almost the same work as any doctor does. The only difference, they have to be working in the same office (or a group) for a supervision purposes. I know that there is no “Physician Assistant” concept in NZ just yet and we are just not sure what her options are going to be. Couldn’t find any relevant information in the web either. Maybe any of you could help.

    Since we just started putting some focus on moving to NZ, things are a bit in a blur. Other then going there for 2 week visit, we have no idea where to start.
    Do any of you have any advice on any specific steps or actions? What works and what do not?

    Based on your experience, some of you went the same rout. We would appreciate if you could share your experiences with us.
    I am not questioning if life in NZ is better then in USA. I know it is.
    We just need a little help to point us to where to start and perhaps who to see while we are in NZ.

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum, NandR.

    Have you visited the Immigration New Zealand site yet? That is where it all begins but it can be a pretty confusing site to negotiate and that is why forums like this exist. Take a look around the site and see how you go. It might help to give you some sense of direction and we'll attempt to answer any questions you have.

    If you are considering taking a consultant on board while you are in NZ, you could try our on board consultants as a start. They are based in Hamilton, North Island and cover both immigration and employment search. In the past consultants have had a bad name for taking people's money and not doing anything in return, but now they have to be licensed so we trust that things are better.
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