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Thread: Run out of fuel, pay a fine - police plan

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    Default Run out of fuel, pay a fine - police plan

    Run out of fuel, pay a fine - police plan
    4:00AM Tuesday Aug 25, 2009
    By Wayne Thompson

    Some drivers run out of fuel in heavy traffic areas such as the Auckland harbour bridge, Newmarket Viaduct and the Victoria Park flyover. Photo / Kenny Rodger

    Drivers trying to squeeze the last kilometre from an empty fuel tank now face the prospect of a hefty fine if they run out of petrol on Auckland's motorways.

    Acting on a request from the police, the Transport Agency is proposing a bylaw that would make it an offence to run out of fuel anywhere on the 72.7km network.

    Police want the deterrent because of the number of stranded vehicles blocking lanes and endangering other motorists.

    During a three-week period in July last year, 148 vehicles - including three trucks - ran out of fuel on Auckland motorways.

    More here.
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    I can see the logic in the police argument here. The stats show that about 7 drivers a day are running out of fuel on the motorways around Auckland. I'm sure we've all experienced the traffic jams and delays when rubber neckers slow down to see what's happening with the cops/breakdown/whitevan on the hard shoulder. There are good reasons why it's an offence to stop on the motorway - it's dangerous! Running out of fuel is no defence.

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