Weather: Cherish those extra moments of sun
12:00PM Saturday Jul 25, 2009

Most of the country is getting around a half-hour more daylight now than we did on the shortest day a month ago.

Right across New Zealand the sun is rising earlier and setting later as we slowly grind towards Spring. head weather analyst Philip Duncan has crunched the numbers and worked out just how much more daylight we're getting compared to the shortest day of the year which was just over a month ago.

"Currently southern New Zealand has around 9 and a quarter hours of sunlight a day while northern New Zealand has just over 10 hours. This is due to the tilt of the earth and while winter days are darker in the south the trend is reversed in summer where the sun's up for 14hours 41minutes in Auckland on the longest day of the year (Dec 22) but over an hour longer in Invercargill where daylight hours last 15 hours 49 minutes".

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