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Thread: A 'Hi' to everyone.... s'been ages!

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    Default A 'Hi' to everyone.... s'been ages!

    Hi Motherbear, Welshgirl, Taffy and all the 'old' lovelies...

    Yes I know, it's only been about 1.5 years since I last visited but better late than never hum...?

    I have thought of you many times if that helps :-)
    Wow the site looks great as ever... well done. I had SOOO much help from here in the past. Is Glenda still and Lil Amy still around too and the 'carman? I can't remember all names. I just saw MaggieMoo's post.
    Anyway hope you're all well and happy. How are your plans going MB? It must be time for you to come over soon?
    We're moving to Oz in 3 weeks, still can't get my head around it all, only just settled here ha..... Auckland IS lovely by the way to anyone considering moving here.
    Also, I won't be around here for long but if anyone needs any advice or help, you can PM me etc and I'll do my best as I remember having a million and one questions about moving here and was kindly given so much helpful advice. This site was a God send!!
    It's a beautiful sunny cold morning here in Auckland............ :-)

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    Hi Deb and welcome back!

    It's a shame you've been gone so long as you were always a great help on here and a 'regular', which is important to us. Many of the old gang have gone their separate ways as often happens when people settle into their new lives. Glenda pops in now and then and Lil Amy, too. Likewise Nattydread. In fact, there is a webpage for MTNZers on Facebook but I don't think much goes on there nowadays. Several of us longtimers, like Glenda, Selchie, Loopylu, Nickydwuk, Ebianca and Maggiemoo interact with each other on the normal Facebook, which is a good way to stay in touch. Not sure if you'd gone by the time Banjo Jon and Zummerzet Lou joined us. They are on Facebook, too. Haven't heard from Jamesthecarman for a long time. Some people who were in the UK have since moved down to NZ and some have moved back again.

    My immigration plans are on hold for the moment, Deb. Taffy, who was sponsoring me, became a victim of cost cutting and no longer has the stable income required to cover me in the event I would need support during the first 2 years. There is talk of the new government bringing in a retirement visa but who knows how long this would take? It would mean we could get in under our own steam.

    So, how come you're off to Oz after all this time in NZ? How is your business doing? Don't forget us when you get to Oz because I imagine there are a few folks who would welcome a comparison between life in NZ and life in Oz. I hope things work out for you there. Good luck with it all!
    Mother Bear

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    Hi Deb,

    As MB said, some of us 'oldies' are still kicking around. I'm still up in the 'winterless north' and will have been in NZ for four years next month. We are well and truly settled and, apart from contact with old friends and relatives, barely give the UK a second thought; in fact, we have applied for NZ citizenship.

    I am absolutely sure we did the right thing moving to New Zealand, though was also impressed with Oz from our two visits there. What part are you moving to?
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