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Thread: Food/Shopping Costs in New Zealand

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    Default Food/Shopping Costs in New Zealand

    Hi, I am interested in moving over so i looked at the Foodtown online website to see the cost of food/shopping

    I guess on first impressions it seems quite a lot

    Thought i'd post the shopping list incase some other folks were looking at costs

    1 carlsberg beer 440ml cans $14.99
    1 sunmaid dried fruit raisins 42g $2.79
    2 cadbury king size chocolate block dairy milk $9.88
    1 select soap platinum 100g $3.19
    1 cashmere shower gel intense cream $6.79
    1 gillete shave foam moisturising $8.20
    1 gillette mach 3 razor blades cartridge $16.99
    1 colgate total toothpaste pump $6.99
    1 cool charm female bodyspray deodorant clear $4.99
    1 adidas action 3 anti-pers aerosol for men control $6.19
    1 kleenex cottonelle toilet paper 12pk marine $9.99
    1 kleenex tissues aloe vera large $3.35
    1 signature range paper towels print $3.14
    1 heinz ketchup tomato upside down $4.85
    1 kings choice basmati rice $21.49
    1 simply vegetable oil $3.09
    1 select olive oil aus extra virgin $9.89
    2 select pasta fusilli $4.98
    1 dominion post newspaper daily $1.40
    1 home brand freezer bags large $0.94
    1 independent fish fingers 375g $3.99
    1 signature range mixed vegetables selection $3.89
    1 glad bin liners drawstring x-large $5.25
    1 biofarm yoghurt 1l honey dew $6.28
    1 home brand milk blue top standard $4.89
    1 pacific crown mackerel in oil $2.36
    1 sealord salmon pink $2.65
    2 heinz baked beans english $4.98
    1 sanitarium wheat biscuits hi-bran $8.21
    1 dilmah fruit tea bags lemon $4.31
    2 coca cola soft drink coke $5.76
    2 charlies orange juice pure nfc chilled $9.18
    1 barkers concentrate blackcurrant & boysenberry $7.58
    1 greggs pepper black cracked $6.38
    1 champion flour wholemeal $3.64
    1 farmer brown eggs 10pk size 8 $4.15
    0.5kg fresh produce grapes thompson (seedless) $3.49
    1 pack fresh produce bananas yellow bananito $2.97
    1kg fresh produce apples royal gala $3.70
    2 butchery chicken breast skinless boneless 260-310g $11.96 (each)
    1 fresh produce tomatoes sweet delight $4.98
    1 fresh produce fresh zone potatoes brushed $4.98
    1 fresh produce onions red $3.85
    1 fresh produce mushrooms white button $4.98
    1 fresh produce cauliflower whole $2.99
    1 fresh produce spinach standard $3.99
    1 fresh produce cucumbers telegraph nz $1.98
    1 fresh produce broccoli head $1.28
    1 gourmet garden mixed herbs italian tube $5.97
    0.5 fresh produce ginger fresh whole $4.49
    3 fresh produce garlic $5.91
    0.76 fresh produce okra $6.65
    1 burgen sandwich bread mixed grain $4.29

    This list was made with 2 people in mind

    TOTAL was $305.03

    Try it yourselves
    Foodtown Online

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    Eew, that looks a lot of money for a weekly shop although I guess some of the items would only be bought from time to time.

    Thanks for taking the time to post that, Kazz.
    Mother Bear

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    That does seem a lot for 2 people. The fruit and Veg changes price all thetime though and like MB says some of those items would probably be say a monthly buy rather than a weekly.
    I used to do online shopping with Woolworths and would spend between $200-$250 for 2 adults and 2 children. (including nappies etc)

    I know go to pak n save and spend about the same but every ohter week rather than every week (minus the nappies) and maybe with a little top up of bread and milk in between.
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    Thanks for the update^^

    I'm glad its less than what i quoted. I've heard of Pak n Save, is that a store you would find a lot in the cities? I cook quite a lot so i'd just need to get the fresh stuff. Hopefully there would be some local fruit & veg places that might be better than the supermarkets. I see your in Wellington, thats where i aim to go as well. Is it an expensive place to live?

    If you can manage on $250 for 4 people, especially with kids your a master shopper, should be in charge of the economy!

    I only quoted the beer incase someone else was a drinker, i dont actually drink so i'd save a few $$ if i make it down under.

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    We have changed some of the ways we shop over here. We only buy vegetables that are in season...much cheaper and you often can not get hold of out of season fruit or veg.

    If you have a baby then Pak n Save are cheaper for nappies. Good to bulk buy other items too.

    New World probably has the best choice of foods but it is still limited compared to the I miss Waitrose and Sainsburys!!

    We find some items really expensive but generally live on between $900-$1000 per month for 2 adults and a toddler...think this is slightly less overall than we would spend in the UK.

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    We shop qiute frugally - loads of homebrand items (equivalent to Tesco Value). Also buy loads of fruit / veg at the local veg shop. Having said that, our diet is pretty good - lots of fresh goodies.

    I do a supermarket shop weekly, for 2 adults, and 2 young children which is usually in the $100 - $150 bracket.

    Extras (milk, bread, fruit) is probably no more than $30-$50 a week.
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    Is PaknSav really cheaper then WW? I shop at woolsworth too simply becos we were getting their catelog and very frequently there's something on sales that we need.

    We spent about 1100 - 1200 per month on groceries for 2 adults and 2 toddlers (including diaper and milk). Just to be more precise, my 4yr old is attending full day-care hence only had bf and dinner at home during weekday.
    Realise that diaper cost is much higher here than Singapore. Also due to much less sweat, the diaper get full much earlier!

    Talk about seasonal food, anyone care to highlight what's the fruit and vege or fish to buy in NZ for this cold season? I only observe that the choices (of food) are getting lesser now with cold season coming.
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    Here is a list of fruit and vegies in season until end of June:




    Red Cabbage
    Green Cabbage
    Silver beet
    Sprouted Beans & Seeds
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    I found a veg availability chart a while ago which could be quite useful. If you click on a vegetable in the drop down menu, it brings up some interesting info about it. Handy for those who aren't familiar with all NZ veggies.

    A hint of fruit availability, too.

    Mother Bear

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    We are a family of 2 adults & 3 teenage boys and we sepnd about $300 a week on food. We get most stuff from Pak n Save then a few bits from Woolworths. We like to think we have a reasonably good diet but do miss the choice from Tesco's.
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