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Thread: What is a decent pay in christchurch?

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    Default What is a decent pay in christchurch?


    I have landed a job offer of base salary 68,000 $'s in christchurch, and I have a family of 2.

    Is this a decent amount to rent a good apartment and lead a decent life?

    Does this budget allow for taking a house on mortgage (around 2,50,000 $)?

    Please let me know your thoughts.


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    It's not a dreadful salary and you should be able to get by on it. However, I don't think you would be able to sit back and relax unless you were a good budgeter.
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    68 is not to bad probably puts you in lower middle class rate
    but it depends on your outgoings
    It would be about 1000 per week after tax

    I get about the same but are lucky there is no mortgagee or rent so my biggest expense is food about $200 per week for 4 of us
    power about 140 per month and phone 75 per month

    The interest rates are dropping so that is good news but the deposit amounts needed have increased I m not sure about Christchurch but around here a 3 bedroom rent is $300 and up has a section for rentals for you to get an idea

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    I earn approx $52k a year and we have a $155k mortgage - we are able to manage with a family of 5 (3 teenagers) but only just. Not much left for luxuries etc... but we survive and pay the bills. I work in Chch but live in Oxford - about a 45 minute commute every day.
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    Thanks for all the inputs, the info gives me a good perspective and
    I can plan my stay accordingly.

    My partner is also qualified, so she can also land up a job if required.

    From the inputs I recieved, I think with the current pay I can manage a rental
    and food and other misc expenses. For Mortgage I might need a bigger budget.
    Correct me if Im wrong there.

    Looking forward to land in christchurch!!


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