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Thread: Food costs

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    Question Food costs

    Hi all

    I am in the process of making sure of my finances (and a bit more) that I have covered everything. I am (hopefully) coming over to start at the polytechnic in Tauranga in June this year . These are the areas I have thought of so far:
    visa fees
    student fees (and books etc)
    living costs
    rentals cost

    Now - I can't find anything about the cost of:
    bus fares
    insurance for health.

    Is there anything else that I have missed out?

    I am English but have lived in France for 3 years now (if that helps)

    Also, is there anyone out there that knows of any furnished rentals in the area of the polytechnic? I have looked on the web site and also I know the polytechnic have places - but you can never have enough info!!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Glad to hear that you are getting all prepared for your move to Tauranga

    Re food, it might be worth having a look at the Foodtown website, as they are, I think, the only supermarket in Tauranga to offer online shopping - Foodtown Online should give you a link to the site so that you can get an idea of food/household products prices.

    No idea re bus prices I am afraid, never used them while we were there.

    health insurance costs? We did look into a policy with Southern Cross Healthcare as they were just opening a brand new hospital in the suburb that we were living in, can't remember exactly how much it was (am thinking it was around $150 for all of us per month, but may well be wrong!), and we never did take it up. To be honest we felt that the national health service type set up in NZ was perfectly adequate for our needs, we only went to see the Drs a handful of times (always for the kids!!) and didn't object to the $15 charge for that.

    Re: furnished rentals - I don't think any of the agents were set up particularly for the letting of furnished rentals - we organised our initial rental (an unfurnished house down by the harbour in Matua, so completely the other side of the city from the Poly) through Eves Real Estate on Cameron Road (our agent was a lovely lady called Alayne) - am sure they regularly have furnished properties on their books, but whether there are anywhere in your ideal area...

    Hope this is of some help

    Maggie x

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    Hi, we've never used buses either but my 17 yr old uses them all the time and says they're dirt cheap
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