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Thread: From Kenya to Canterbury/Interacial Couple

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    Default From Kenya to Canterbury/Interacial Couple

    Hi to all, Happy New Year!

    I'm Mutonyi from Kenya, and I will be moving to Canterbury mid 2009 with my New Zealand fiancee and our baby. Wondering if anyone has experience/ knows about living in NZ as an interacial couple?

    Thanks for any insights, Mutonyi

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    Hi Mutonyi, I'm Pete, I'm living in Auckland now but was in Christchurch until February. People in Chch are basically decent people, a bit conservative at first but if you make an effort they'll try to help you. I'm a Pakeha kiwi so haven't really experienced it from your point of view, but I should think the redneck ratio in NZ is reasonably low. Having said that there's good and not so good places to live in Chch. Good luck with the move!

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    I would guess you'd be better off living in or around a NZ city rather than in the countryside as some folks may not have had the same exposure to foreigners as city folk, irrespective of race, colour or creed. They can sometimes be a bit insular and almost afraid of someone a bit 'different' and may look on them as alien.
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