I was wondering if anyone has any experience with working in the IT industry coming from the US, what are some differences between the two? Do you find it very similar, less advanced, more advanced? I have read some of the other posts about people being really discouraged on finding a job and being hired for less than they are qualified for. I am young and have been lucky and worked hard to get into positions that make me highly qualfied now; I'm not necassarily looking for the highest paying job but the one that will be the most fun and give me a good cultural experience and meet new people. I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with IT jobs down there and how the culture and work environment is. I am definately looking to at least be in a challenging job so I don't get bored but after seeing the post about being hired below your qualifications it makes me wonder if that would be possible. Anyone else's response is also welcome I just figured US peeps might have a similar perspective to mine since I am from the US.