My best friend just told me about this service that she has been using for a few years now to call from the US to Holland. It is called jajah. What it does is you type a number on their website (you and person you are calling must be members and it is free) and the site calls your phone (home or cell) and the person who you are trying to call's phone number (home or cell). It works for many countries and even some remote countries it is relatively inexpensive. Might want to check it out. I am thrilled that I will be able to call my family from NZ to here in the US for free.

JAJAH - web-activated telephony

Again, it is free (or cheap) for many countries as long as you sign up and your family/friends are signed up. Some countries you can even use your cell phone to their cell phone. I know from the US to Holland you can do it. And from NZ to the US it is free if you are calling from a landline to a landline or cell in the US as long as your family signs up. But hey, it is free to sign up too!