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Thread: Are we doing the right thing?

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    Default Are we doing the right thing?

    Hey guys,
    Just thought I'd ask around to make sure we're doing the right thing.

    We are planning to make the move 2010 but are now doubting ourselves because of the children (ages 6 (boy)and 8(girl) when we plan to move). We are moving to give them (and us) a better more relaxed way of life but have concerns that its more for us than them. Any advice on how to break it to them and also any experiences from others with the same(ish) aged children would be great.

    Laura x

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    Hi Laura,

    Have you mentioned NZ at all to the children? It might be an idea, seeing as you have quite a bit of time before you want to make the move, to just bring it into the conversation casually to gauge their reaction. Perhaps get a heap of photos together off the Internet so they can see what you're talking about. Such a lot of people have said how great life in NZ is for their kids, so there must be something in that. If you are enthusiastic about the country perhaps it will rub off on them.
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    Would love to mention to the children but seeing as we have no clue how to inform our parents; we don't want the risk of the kids spilling the beans before we are ready. I'm sure its just us getting the gitters as since I've been on here it seems more real; that we are actually planning the move - not just wishing we could

    Your idea of using photos and the internet is a great idea and one we will certainly use when the time is right.

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    I haven't told our kids yet about the move either. I have been going to the library and getting a video on NZ that I watched with the kids. They love the idea of going to NZ so it won't be a huge disappointment when we tell them we are moving. We haven't told my family yet either because I don't want to hear all the negativity about us moving. I figure I have time to wait to tell them.

    My kids are 9 and 11 although they will be a year older when we actually move. I think children are fine as long as their parents are positive and upbeat. If they sense ambivalence or fear they will reflect that.

    If your kids are athletic you may mention all the opportunities for different activities like cricket, rugby, etc. Plus you could mention all the fun things you can do while there. Go to the beach one day and skiing the next.

    Children adapt. They will have great opportunities there. It isn't like you are moving to a 3rd world country and expect them to fit in when they are used to a certain lifestyle.

    When you decide it is getting close to time that you are wanting to tell them go to your local library and get a video on NZ and some travel guides. Or buy some. Then before you tell them...introduce the subject of NZ with all the colorful pictures and video. It will show them what wonderful things await them.

    Do your kids like to travel? Mine do so maybe that is why I know they will like the idea. Good luck!

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    We are in a similar situation. We have 3 children 3,5 and 10. We have talked to them about NZ although the 2 youngest don't really understand.
    We have now decided to travel to NZ and explore in February 2008 ( not long now and counting down). Obviously this is a huge expense, but we thought it was important for us all to see NZ and what is has to offer before we make the final decision to move.
    Hopefully the trip will convince the children and make the whole moving process a little easier.
    If not then we will have had a once in a lifetime holiday!!

    Good luck with everything.

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