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    Default Pet shops in Chch

    Our 3 dogs arrive in about 10 days and they will be hungry. They have sensitive stomachs (occasionally) and were fed on Chappie complete in the UK. Does anyone know of any large pet shops in the Chch area that offer a wide selection of dog food so we can try a few to get the right ones for our babies?
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    Fur and Feather at Hornby, opposite side of the road to The Hub, just before you get to Hell's Pizza.

    Animal Kingdom (or something like that) on Blenheim Road. Same side of the road as The Warehouse (never mention that name) but a bit nearer the City Centre. Animates a bit further along Blenheim. Or maybe it's on Moorhouse....

    Most of the pet shops run a loyalty scheme - buy 9 bags, get the 10th one free.

    We took our pup to the vet clinic in Templeton which was recommended by some friends. I didn't think much to the vet's bedside manner (snotty cow talked to us as if we were a b-i-t s-i-m-p-l-e) but they had a pretty good range of dog food - Science Diet and Hills mainly. The receptionist gave us some sample packs and some $10 off vouchers.

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