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Thread: Emergency preparations

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    Default Emergency preparations

    This could be a useful site as mentioned here.
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    I asked the kids what they would do if we got hit by an earthquake or tsunami. The middle one thought about it for a moment and then said We'll be alright, we could eat you. Your legs will keep us going for a while. It's nice to be appreciated!

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    and they could cook your legs on that nice portable bbq of yours! I've been thinking about these emergency kits and while they are a great idea, where do you store them? If a really big earthquake hit, I assume that if we survived, the house/garage would not, so everything would be buried and hard to get too!
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    That's a really good point Jon, something I've never thought of

    I guess keep it in/near the place you plan to run to (assuming you have a plan ) if there was an earthquake

    If you survived, presumably so would the package - if you didn't survive, well you wouldn't be needing it


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    Some folks around here put their quake/disaster kit in plastic trash cans or a plastic garden bin (not sure of their availability in NZ), and then set them in a corner of the garden.

    Our kit, including bedding, clothes, water and miscellanea, takes up less than a cubic metre. We probably have far more food and water than we need for a few days, but we'd rather have a little too much than too little. Ours is in the garage, which is separate from the house. We figure that it's relatively safe from any quake-related fires, and that we can dig it out on the off chance that the garage comes down. We also hope that the camping gear in the garage survives, so that life would be a little easier.

    Our main concern is if our area gets cut off from help for a few days, which has happened due to winter storms. We don't have to join the people making a rush on the supermarket or crying "poor little me".
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