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Thread: Which Wireless Boradband Internet provider?

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    Default Which Wireless Boradband Internet provider?


    Time to celebrate - after just 3 months we got our permanent residency .

    Now we can start planning some more practical things.....

    How about Broadband internet connections in NZ? We will use the internet a lot (Skype, Radio, keeping in touch with home, etc...) and I was thinking of getting wireless Broadband internet.

    This way we wouldn't have to get a landline, which we definitively won't need...

    Is this available in NZ outside the major urban areas (we'll move to new Plymouth....)?
    Also, I heard that the connections in NZ are quite slow - any experiences?



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    Hey Papu, on getting your PR and so quickly, too. Well done!

    Take a look on here for details of the different broadband options in NZ. It will give you something to think about until you get some other personal responses.
    Mother Bear

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    Wireless is available, although there aren't many providers to choose from. Take a look at these folks: Low calling rates, broadband from less than $1 a day and more - Compass Communications

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    Thanks for the help!

    I'll check this out and share my experiences once we are hooked up...

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    Im in New Plymouth and use you only pay for what you use its about $50 per month for 20GB but you may use less then me I have 3 kids using it all the time

    for a little more they will bundle your phone in local calls are free worldwide its about 5 cents per minute it does depend how far out you are if you can get broadband else you need to go wireless and it costs a lot more

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    I'm in New Plymouth and not knowing any better at the time went with Telecom We have wireless with 6GB download limit for $49.99 per month. I have to be honest and can't say I am too impressed, have had lots of service interuptions and don't even get me started about how bad Telecom where with getting the phoneline/internet set up in the first place come Sept when our year contract is up I will be looking to change.

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