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Thread: Cyclones and Flooding

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    Default Cyclones and Flooding


    i was watching a programme recently and it was talk about the cyclone and flood risks building for nz.

    Is there a big problem with this? has anyone living ruraly been trapped by floods ?

    Any comments would be much appriciated.


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    No personal experience of this but here's a bit of reading for you until someone comes on who has more inside knowledge.

    A government website about natural disasters in NZ.

    Flood waters in the far north.

    February 2004 floods.

    Apparently severe flooding can occur, but you will see from these articles that it's not a common feature of NZ. NZ has a lot of rain, even very heavy rain, which is why it's so green, but I struggled to find items outlining specifically dangerous floods and haven't heard anything like the news report from other parts of the world. NZ floods rarely (if ever) make headline news outside the country. Even the UK has severe flooding in certain areas, so I wouldn't be too worried about NZ.

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    Just be careful where you buy or rent houses - NZers seem to love building houses to perch precariously on the side of hills, and when it rains, what happens to the soil under those houses??........!!!! I know that in Tauranga quite a few houses over the years have slid down the hill sides after heavy rain, and while we were in NZ I am sure there was a major landslide in Wellington which resulted in houses being destroyed. Just a thought!

    Maggie (who's just sold her house which was set nicely on a plateau well away from the side of the hill!)


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