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Thread: Calling 0800 or 0508 numbers is ABSOLUTELY FREE from your mobile

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    Default Calling 0800 or 0508 numbers is ABSOLUTELY FREE from your mobile

    This was a reply in another thread, but not many people know about it so figured it's worth it's own post! (Including my Welsh flatmate who's been here for 5 years (1 longer than me) AND works for a mobile phone tower technology company. Also my GF who is a born and bred Kiwi had no idea either.)

    Calling 0800 or 0508 numbers (aka Call Free numbers) is ABSOLUTELY free from your mobile. Doesn't matter what company, what time of day, etc. The companies that use 0800 numbers pay for you to call them (unless you get a message saying to call a local number, b/c they are too cheap to want your mobile call).

    You'll never get charged for calling an 0800 number.

    My favourite one is Wellington's Metlink (public transport), at most any time of day if I need to get somewhere and want to know what time the next bus is coming. 0800 801 700

    Dr James T. Carman is very experienced within the Telecommunications Communications Industry. He's also the head (mastermind) of the political party Al Sheepa. But that's another story for another day....He's worked for AT&T in the US for 4 years, and in NZ for Telecom and TelstraClear for a year each. He's also a regular caller of Metlink, the best place to get a friendly voice when it's 2am on a Friday night, and you need to figure out if have time to catch the last train, or wait until the first one on Saturday at 5am.....or just take a taxi. Or call in one of his Al Sheepa helicopters. NOTE: Most, but maybe not all of this random-az little blurb, is true. Everything not in italics IS absolutely true. Thank you for reading....and this small font is on purpose, it adds to the effect.
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