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Thread: Anaesthetic Technician's (ODP's)

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    Default Anaesthetic Technician's (ODP's)

    Just wondering if there's any Tech's currently looking for employment, or indeed have already got a job offer.

    So far I've signed up with Tonix but as yet the offers are not flowing in. I have to be honest made life a bit harder by already ruling out certain places i.e. Auckland etc so am left hoping.

    I've tried to narrow it down to Hawkes Bay, BOP, Taranaki, Nelson, and possibly Whangarei. Did think of Gisborne but due to other issues such as gangs etc this has put us off somewhat.

    Also considered Hamilton, which looked very nice, with its only draw back being inland.

    Thanks for any advice anyone feels they can offer.


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    Hi Tim,

    You've picked some really small places to live, so it's not suprising you're not getting many offers! I would say of all those places, your only real hope would be Tauranga in the BOP, but with so much competition from other expats in that area it could also be difficult. I'm not up on medical jobs, butI would think what you do is fairly specialist for operations etc? I would think that Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington or Christchurch would be your best bet, if you could put up with them for a time until something in a smaller town becomes available.

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