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Thread: Removing immigration restrictions

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    Smile Removing immigration restrictions

    Hi all!!!
    We have been in NZ for nearly 6 months now and my wife has been employed for at least 5 of them and we are now wishing to have all immigration restrictions removed from our visas.We have permanent residency which was granted at the airport when we arrived(21 nov 2007).We have all the documentation to proove who we are and that Clare (my wife) is still in full time employment.I just need to know now where to send all the paperwork to or a contact number,can anyone help?
    Cheers Mark

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    Hi Mark and welcome.

    Do you mean you want to get the Section 18A removed? If your wife is the principal applicant and has complied with the regulations you should have no problems in getting the restriction removed. You should have had a case officer dedicated to you during your PR application and maybe he/she would be the one to advise you how to go about getting this done. Is there nothing in your paperwork or residency stickers on your passports to tell you how to do it?

    Unfortunately I'm not on my own PC at the moment so I can't look it up for you.
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    Hi Mark,

    You probably need to contact your local Immigration Office - you dont say where you are based but check out this link Contact us - Immigration New Zealand and you should be able to work out where to go from there

    Good luck

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