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    Default nursery schools


    We are due to arrive in NZ in October (all being well!!) I have just started to look up nursery/kindie for my son who will be 21/2 when we get there.... I could do with some advice as I really don't understand the system!!!

    In Uk he goes to nursery (8.30-5pm) while I am at work and this is what we will need to do over there.... All the info I have found so far talks only about 3 hour morning sessions- not a particular help!!

    Any ideas where I can find more info, and also any recommendations for nurseries in the Auckland area?? He LOVES his nursery here and I really want to find him a similarly happy place for him to go when e are over there.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Childcare

    Probably you're looking at childcare instead of just nursery of playgroup? I think somewhere here in the forum website there's list of schools. Click on 'NewPosts' on top and see if you could find it in the list.

    Otherwise anyone else with a toddler could share some info too? I'm very much interested as well since my kids are 1yr and 2.5yr. But yet to start call/emailing as would be a while before we're there in NZ....


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