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    Question Pak n Save

    Right, forgive me if i seem a bit dumb in this thread but hey- we all have our moments.

    We went to Pak n Save for the first time today(your right Dawn defo cheaper than Woolworths). Anyway, I noticed in the entrance a bit stand with loads of little grey things on that people took around with them whilst shopping- what are they and what do you do with them?

    Oh and the loose fruit and vegies- do you have to bag and weigh them yourself or are they weighed when you get to the checkout?I played it save and got some pre bagged stuff.
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    We've only been to Pak'n'Rage once, never to be repeated again, so can't help on that one!

    Maybe if you could describe the 'grey things' in a little more detail, we could turn it in to a quiz - guess the grey thing!

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    Its called Shop & Go, you apply at the customer service counter.

    You then given a couple of key rings and a card with bar codes on, scan your card/keyring at the kiosk, collect you allocated scanner then shop.

    Scan all the bar codes on stuff, fruit and veg just take it to the weigh scales and follow instructions you can then scan in the printed label.

    when you finish shopping, go to the shop and go checkout. hand them your scanner and card/keyring and pay.

    No queue, no unpacking / packing.

    Note that every now and again you will have to do a full scan you prove that you aren't shop lifting.

    Best thing is you can get a running total of your spending, helpful when shopping on a budget.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default my most hated store!

    I hate PACAND SLAVE with a vengance.

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    That Shop & Go sounds quite handy, it's good to have a bit of an honesty system (even if they do check it every now and again), I remember when I was a kid going to Pak n Save and rather than having a price sticker on things you picked up a marker pen at the entrance and had to copy of the price of things onto the goods, then at the checkout they just believed what you'd written down.
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    That is so you can scan your items as you shop. It is a freebie. It counts what you amount you are spending as you go along so you know if you spent too much.

    You register and they send you a card to swipe when you pick up one of the scanners from the rack. You can go through the special check out lanes and randomly they will check all your items were scanned correctly.

    Give it a try. I will do it sometimes and sometimes not.



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