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    Okay, I'm happy with the education system in NZ all the way from kindy to Uni, I am happy with damp houses, I am happy with hoons and grafitti, I am happy with NZ. I am a happy thing, thining happy thoughts, and doing happy things. I am happy.

    But . . . can anybody give me stats on those youngsters that are leaving NZ after Uni or before, and those that stay. DO you have any personal experiences with your children and what they did post 18 years? Do those of you with teenagers feel confident your children will stay in NZ or will you encourage them to leave and explore the world.


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    It would appear that alot of young kiwis leave NZ its kind of a passage of rights the whole big OE (overseas experience) thing.
    But from what i gather,many come home.
    i met alot of kiwis when i was in england and thats in a way how i ended up in NZ
    i got to thinking all these fellows come out here for a year or so but nearly all of them went home,it must be good over there.but for stats i dont know.
    there are alot of kiwis going to oz,the blokes at work all know people who have gone to oz and we get very mixed storys coming back ,yes better money ,yes more sun(for many too hot) but higher cost of living to be in good areas.


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