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    I have commented previously about the customer base coming into our little place in Dunedin.
    Loads of tourists this time of year.

    Out of all( by a long way ) the Brits get the thumbs down for behaviour and arrogance.
    Why are they so stressed out I wonder! ( This from me a trainee KIWI).
    Many are rude to staff and over demanding and expect way too much.
    Then this week I had a thug and his wife and young children in.
    I had been polite and asked them twice to control there kids as they were obviously been a bit of a pain.
    Then suddenly he decided to get up and be damn rude saying he would be coming back in to eat!!
    Phew, I thought then carried on at which point I pointed out he wouldnt be welcome anyway and asked he to live...
    So, then he is outside pointing at me to go outside as he wanted to thump me one!!
    He stood there for a good few minutes whilst I and staff tried to ignore him before he finally went away....

    Now, I am a mad Birmingham City fan that regularly went with my season tickets to games and seeing trouble and threats dont scare me.
    Yes, I was bought up with thugs..ooooooh a few years ago.

    But, I am pleased to say I am calmed into the Kiwi way now and non violence.

    The thing is does he know the trouble he would have been in if I had ventured out and he had thumped me...luckily it passed by without incident for his sake.

    But, made me think about the stressed out life in the UK.

    Life in a cafe can be such fun......
    And at least not all Brits are bad...are they ha ha

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    I have frequented probably 30 - 50 cafes & purveyors of caffeine based beverages in the last 18 months and have not had the urge once to kick up a stink!

    However, put me back in the uk and the sloth like service at our local toby carvery would have the veins in my temples pumping within 5 minutes.

    It is somewhat ironic that the attitude one adopts, purely by osmosis from the proprietor, is one of "its ready when its ready" in cafes and coffee houses- given the hyperactive buzz one expects after sculling a triple flat white! I love it - its a social activity getting the 1st,2nd,3rd etc fix of the day in your fave coffee stop!

    As for for thug, I would suggest that NZ is probably the only place he hasnt been barred from in the western world. Benidorm, Turkey, numerous Greek Islands & the Carnaries probably hav ehim on the "most wanted list".

    Its people like him, that remind us why we are now living in NZ anyway!

    May your beans keep flowing smoothly through your grinder.........



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    Gee, I thought we Americans had the lousy tourist rap. I guess they don't make jerk filters yet. Hopefully that was the worst you'll ever get, Mark.
    If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.
    - Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800s


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