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Thread: 13 month update..

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    Thumbs up 13 month update..

    Feel a bit of a shit actually for putting this one in above Maggiemoo's...

    So sorry you're heading off maggie, but having read your post it sounds like you've been making the most of the cold winter nights.. (even though they haven't really started yet.... you old dog...:rolleyes: )

    anyway...setting my jealousy aside..

    13 months now since we arrived..

    I changed job about 2 or 3 months ago,,
    I now have the job I was hoping to get when we first arrived..
    I work from home doing Application Support for a smallish company with a few very large customers..
    and it's f*****g great,.,,

    It's been a long time coming but I reckon we're about as happy and settled as we have been ...ever..

    The kids are in a fantastic school.. both settled in well and doing very well in school. They are both playing Rugby (one under 6's and one under 8') and 1 is better than the other but we won't go there...
    He assures me he's doing his best.. :rolleyes:

    The house is great,, the garden is amazing.. (not as amazing as Moggy's.. but it'll do me..)

    We went through a phase where we were 'homesick'..
    or at least we thought we were..
    but looking back now.. I dont think we were..
    We were just blaming New Zealand for the situation we were in..
    At the time my job was very boring and monotonous and although we were still happy ,, the thought of that being my long term career... did start to weigh heavily on the mind..

    we did struggle a bit with the money in the beginning, but that was our own fault, for doing the whole converting back to pounds thing.. 250 bucks.. cool thats only 80 quid.. we'll have 2 of them..

    500 bucks later... SHIT,, why did we need two of them..

    anyway.. thats all behind us..

    looking forward to our first proper year in new zealand..
    Last year was great ,, but there was still a whole newness thing going on... where we were waiting for the bubble to burst...

    and thankfully.. the bubble is still in tact..
    So far we've seen the bulk of the bottom half of the north island.. this summer we hope to be camping and kayaking our way round the south island.. with a couple of days planned in auckland in the mean time..

    My folks have just gone back to scotland after a 5 week visit.. that was nice seeing them,,

    They now realise why we want to stay here,,
    It's a great place for the kids to be growing up..
    It's an even better place for me to be growing up...

    The Wairarapa is where it's at..

    "The World's greatest Province" as they say on More FM..
    Well.. They're not wrong, that's for sure..

    Hope everyone get's what they hope for.. and when they get it , I hope it's everything they hoped it would be.

    I did, and it is.

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    Jeez Craig, you have such a way with words, it almost makes me want to cry lol. I love reading your posts!

    Suffice to say, we think it is wonderful that you are so settled and happy - long may it continue

    If you're around Hamilton way on your travels, would be great to see you. I reckon we could swap a few stories over a beer

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    Great to hear you've got what you want, and it is exactly what you wanted, because you wanted it and it is. I know you'll understand that, at least.

    As my dearest other half says, don't be going to Auckland and not calling down the the best city in the world to see us!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nattydread View Post
    It's an even better place for me to be growing up...
    Not yet Craig surely. Take it steady man, a little bit at a time.

    So pleased it's all coming together now. Your posts have made for an interesting read, you've made a remarkable journey

    So Laurens better at rugby is she? My boy (11) who is an avid footballer, swears he's going nowhere near a rugby pitch! Not coz he doesn't like it but coz he doesn't want to get battered. He's ever so fast! I have a feeling they may mark him for a team but if anyone ran towards him he'd hand the ball over willingly I think. He looks more like a surfer dude at the moment with his long blonde hair, chilled out, like his mum (most of the time).

    Still considering the Wairarapa Natty. We'll be over mid July so drop me a PM if you're up for being a tea and biscuits stop.

    Great to hear from you.
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land

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    Nice one Natty
    that gives us heart.
    our to kids play soccer,and we are having to show them that they do play soccer in NZ as they are going through the "we're staying with nanny" bit at the mo.
    Nanny is openly encouraging this.

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    Great post Craig. You certainly make the Wairarapa sound great! They do say that it can take up to two years here to feel truly settled, as well as just being happy ... I think that is probably right for most of us!

    So glad your kids are settled and enjoying life too. My kids don't want to even consider living in the UK again.
    In NZ since June 2005
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

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    Hi Natty,

    Am so glad things are working out for you. It's a great feeling of being settled and at home!!

    Having your folks and friends visit makes things easier especially if they give you the 'green light'. My folks came across in feb and loved it here and could see how happy me and Stu were and understood about our decisions and the same with my best friend she visited in April and loved it as well.

    It kinda makes you feel happier knowing that your family understand.

    Enjoy your next year and many more to come in this wonderful country!

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    Hiya Craig,
    Great to hear your latest feelings.
    It's just waht you want isn't it? (The kids being happy, that is!)
    So glad your new job is working well for you. We know what you mean with the first year... so many emotions and decisions and questions and doubts and and and........ ha. We're starting to get over that part ourselves now after 8.5 months.
    Auckland is expensive though so we may yet move to Dunedin or wherever but will need to stay here for a while with Eddie's new career direction demanding some training first.
    We ARE dreading this cold house in the winter though but also secretly looking forward to acting like kids all drssed up in layers and layers of clothes with snuggly hot water bottles, eiderdowns, slippersocks, gloves and hot chocolate, ha!!!
    Keep it real!
    All the best,
    Debra and Eddie, Isaac and Eva Agnes

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    Smile cold or what

    Lovelt sunny dunedin, well for the past month or so,

    Its been great weather-although locals still say its cold!!
    Today again I walked round town in my tee-shirt.

    And my cafes is always warm, so if about come into Potpourri for a drink and chat..


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    Natty, Great to hear you're all doing well and enjoying life over here

    we did struggle a bit with the money in the beginning, but that was our own fault, for doing the whole converting back to pounds thing.. 250 bucks.. cool thats only 80 quid.. we'll have 2 of them..

    500 bucks later... SHIT,, why did we need two of them
    hehe, been there done that too! Guess it's something we all go through eh!

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