Don't wanna be macho, I wanna be warm.

Tough beats warm for macho Kiwis
By KAMALA HAYMAN - The Press | Friday, 2 March 2007

The hardy pioneer image of New Zealanders is behind a love of polluting log burners and tolerance of freezing houses, say academics.

Canterbury University researchers say that while Kiwis had good economic reasons to burn wood, the thrifty approach partly stemmed from "a deeply embedded identification with the masculine pioneer heritage".

They say the ability to tolerate cold, damp houses, and enjoy chopping wood was central to New Zealanders' identity as pioneers, and also led to a "she'll be right" attitude to the risk of ill-health caused by air pollution.

Canterbury University human geography lecturer Julie Cupples said it was "quite incredible" that New Zealanders accepted seeing their breath indoors when they woke on a cold, winter morning ? a sign the room was below 5deg.

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