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Thread: A visit from back home

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    Default A visit from back home

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the lack of posts in the past two weeks. My folks arrived last week from Edinburgh so we've been doing the touristy thing with them.

    They have had a ball so far and love NZ. It's going to be a hard next few days as they leave on Sunday but I'm so glad they made the effort to visit to see how much we love it here.

    One comment Mum said is that she cant believe how Stu and I seem even closer than we were before and so much more content. She said she thought we were like that back in Edinburgh but can see a change in us and a very positive one at that.

    Dad cant believe how healthy the life style and eating is here. He's even lost a few pounds in weight!!! That just never happens on a holiday.

    I hope others in the forum get visits from friends and family back home. It's really been lovely having them here. They're even planing on coming back in a year or so for longer....dont know if thats a good thing or not LOL.... ;D

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    Default Re: A visit from back home

    Hi Lil Amy,

    So pleased to hear your parents have visited, and they love NZ! Even when you know that you have done the right thing, it is still a great feeling to get the parents' blessing! ;)

    When I think of the UK, I don't reminise at all, just remember how much more stressed we all were, how uncomfortable life was just living. Now the kids and I are so much more relaxed living in laid-back NZ. Much healthier too (though good food has rather added a kilo or two). ::)

    You must feel sad to see your parents off today. At least they can come back next year!


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    Default Re: A visit from back home

    that sounds great must loved seeing them again. i just cant wait til i have familyfriends over. hope they like it as much as your folks.

    ive got six weeks, 1 day and 18 hours to wait - not that i'm counting ;D
    my girlfriend Debs, her daughter Mia and her mum are booked to come over april. hope the weather is good for them? whats it like in Wellie then.

    so where did you take them the touristy thing?? any suggestions?
    i was thinking head to SI, Marlborough, Kaikoura, and Christchurch. maybe Queenstown? just places i really loved. i need to impress so they wanna stay you know :)
    i need to get 2 weeks off when they arrive but will be back to work after that and they can explore Wellie themselves for a bit.

    and thats great hearing its made you and Stu closer - i gotta show Deb this post. i need positive things like that. but one question - howd manage to lose weight. ive expanded a few sizes with all this good wine/food/beer - oh and lack of "soccer" ;D

    hey Glenda, glad to hear the kids are loving it. i'm hoping its the same with us - cos thats what will really make us stay long term i think.

    nice post here, made me :). cheers, now its beach time.

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    Default Re: A visit from back home

    Hi all,

    Well our house is empty again, Mum and Dad flew off last night. It was tough saying goodbye but not half as bad as when we left last year.

    We did the whole touristy thing in Rotorua and Taupo. Couldnt do much more as they were only here for 12 days and both arent in the best of health so that tired them out a bit.

    We did find with them that they tired quicker than we did and I think that was to do with age as well as bad health. We had things all planned for them and then realised they needed more rests than us so always remember to take it easier when the folks come to visit. As you get older it takes you longer to recover from the flights and adjusting to new climates. Well so Mum and Dad said anyway tee hee.

    JustnoZi - I'm hoping the weather in April will be nice as well as my best friend is coming over to visit as well. We have the countdown on as well!

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    Default Re: A visit from back home

    Hope your parents have a good trip back to the UK, Amy and that they enjoyed their time in NZ. Sounds like they were impressed from what you say and that'll help you feel more comfortable with having made the choice to go to NZ in the first place.

    You're going to have to start all over again when your friend comes down. Busy, busy, busy but it gives you a good excuse to keep checking out all the lovely places NZ has to offer. ;)
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    Default Re: A visit from back home

    Nice post Amy, glad to hear they had a great time and that they appreciated what NZ is doing for you. And of course they can come back for longer next time! Give them a map and a few recommendations and send them off exploring for a few weeks, they'll love it.

    Glenda, everytime you talk abouthowmuch more relaxed you guys are and how much more you're enjoying your lifestyle in NZ than the UK you lift my spirit. We're so hoping for the same things. It's a bit crazy really but it sems the closer we get to our leaving date, the more Gary and I seem to switch emotions. A t first I was really gung ho and just 'come on let's go do it everything will be alright'. gary was much more anxious, with a need for more concrete knowledge, proof, evidence, fact all of that. As time draw closer it's getting to be the other way round. Gary's not in the least bit worried and I'm anxious about everything working out!

    I think it's the job thing more than anything. We're just kind of hoping that'll everything'll turn out alright. Neither of us has a profession that we know will guarantee us work, we're not nurses, doctors, builders, plumbers, teachers, IT pros. We're just us. Macfods post about the business thing is heartening because Gary and I are likely to just see something and go for it in a similar way but we'll have to wait and see how they get on.

    Anyway, what will be will be. Keep up the encouraging posts guys, it's heartening for us lot back home. :)
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