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    Default Useful summer tips

    Bound to be of use to someone, especially new immigrants. :)

    Tips For Surviving The Kiwi Summer
    12/12/2006 12:32 PM

    While December is unusually cold, it will only be a matter of time before we get the full force of a typical kiwi summer.

    And with summer comes the hot sun, abundance of hours outdoors which can also lead to trips to the emergency room if you are not careful.

    Here are some tips on how to treat common ailments associated with summer days:

    Insect bites
    ? Citronella oil is a great insect repellent. Put the oil into a sprayer with water or mix with almond oil and rub it on. Or buy a pre-prepared citronella formulation from your health shop

    ? B vitamins taken internally will help to keep the insects away from you

    ? If you get an insect bite and it is red and itchy then the homoeopathic remedy Apis is the best thing to take. Take it repeatedly until the swelling goes down

    Motion sickness
    ? Ginger, ginger and more ginger! Clinically trialled to help with motion sickness. Take in tablet form hal an hour before travelling.

    A ginger beer will also help and if still feeling queasy when you get to your destination, grate some ginger into hot water and drink. Also helps with tummy upsets as well

    Hives happen frequently for some people when they over-eat summer fruit.

    ? To relieve itching, apply a soothing lotion or cream, such as chickweed or nettle, to the area - a mild case of hives will often disappear after a few hours

    ? High doses of vitamin C may reduce severity of symptoms of allergic reactions

    ? Nettle tea - when cool, bathe itchy area. Can also be drunk

    Cuts or grazes
    ? Calendula or marigold flowers - take the flower heads and put into boiled water. Let it sit and then drain and use this to apply to the wounds. It will help to kill the bacteria, and helps speed up the healing process

    ? Get Aloe Vera juice onto the burnt area. Buy Aloe Gel, or use the fresh inner gel of the plant

    Make the most of summer as it's packed to the rim with several health benefits.

    Did you know:

    ? Sunlight can help to regulate sleep disorders. This is because it helps the body's internal clock to 'reset'

    ? Warmer weather is also good news for people suffering from arthritis. Many people feel more agile and in less pain in the summer months

    ? Then, of course, there's the cornucopia of fruit on offer over hot months. Summer fruits are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and actively help prevent diseases and can boost the immune system

    ? Drink plenty of water - carry a bottle around with you to re-hydrate on the go

    ? It's easier to innovate your exercise program - try body surfing or a game of backyard cricket

    ? Walk in wet sand on the beach to exfoliate your feet and exercise the muscles the natural way

    ? Spend controlled time in the sunlight for a vitamin D (but be careful not to get sunburnt)

    The above material was collated by Leanne Pratt, a Blackmores NZ-based naturopath.

    Recommended Blackmores products include: Mega-B, Bio C, Bio Zinc

    Find this item at:,,1...687788,00.html
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    Default Re: Useful summer tips

    Hi Glenda,
    Thanks for the useful info... lots to stock up on!! I notice the adverts are now about for mosquito repellents! >:(

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