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Thread: TV company scouting for homesick Brits

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    Default TV company scouting for homesick Brits

    TV company scouting for homesick Brits
    By LEE MATTHEWS - Manawatu Standard | Wednesday, 27 December 2006

    Homesick Brits longing for wet weather, real ale and English fare have the chance to pop back to Mother England in a new TV show.

    British television company Fever Media is looking at the differences of living on opposite sides of the world. They want to find homesick Brits to take home for fact-finding visits, to decide whether the permanent big OE really has been such a good idea, and to make a programme for ITV1 about what happens.

    Fever Media spokeswoman Ami Jackson said every day 500 Brits leave the United Kingdom in search of a better life. Emigration is increasing, yet last year nearly 100,000 Brits gave up on life abroad and went back home.

    "We don't know if it was because they missed friends and family . . . or maybe they were just longing for the simple things . . . even the English weather."

    Ms Jackson said the TV show Brits can decide to stay abroad or return home. "They'll get to see old friends and family, look at the housing market, schools, jobs and get a feel of how Britain has changed.

    "(Or) they might take one look at the lack of space, cold wet weather, struggling health service and overpriced property market and decide they are living the dream abroad and would never actually come back. They've avoided an expensive mistake."

    Anyone interested in this project can contact Ms Jackson at
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    Default Re: TV company scouting for homesick Brits

    What a good idea!

    There are many people who have emigrated, become homesick or nostagic about their home country, moved back, then wished they hadn't!

    Of course, there will be a camera in your face and probably some contrived scenes, but it can save a whole lot of stress and expense.

    Will look out for it on TV. Not much use to me, though ... think they would catch on that I would be after a free holiday! ;)


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