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    Default Job Contracts

    Hi All

    Well my partner and I have been here 1 Month now, and all is look good. Found a great place to rent near Auckland CBD, got a car (an automatic, which is doing my head in), worship at The Warehouse (Wilkinson's look so poor now); all looking good.

    Had a couple of surprises though; I have landed myself a job (I sent my CV out from the UK, so the deal was all but signed) but I have to wait a year before I take any holiday the shocker is that I'll lose a weeks pay during the Christmas shutdown which will be a blow.

    Also my partner, as a nurses, won't get shift allowance like in the UK so that will effect our income. He had just assumed that he would and planned to do nights in order to help us save for a house.

    Oh well, i am sure we will manage.

    All in all, it is starting to feel like home (can not wait for the boat to arrive with all the stuff, I am sick of the air bed now)


    p.s. Miss my Kitty cat though, still not decided whether we should ship her over. As she is happy with my brother.
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    Default Re: Job Contracts

    Sympathies on doing without your cat. I think that I wouldn't go if I couldn't bring my cats. But I'm glad the little fuzz-thing is happy enough with your brother.

    Congrats on the job, and best wishes with settling in. No shift differential for nights? Phooey on that. At least they're usually quieter than days.
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    Default Re: Job Contracts

    Hi Alex,

    Sorry, missed this the first time round. ?

    Congratulations on finding a job, although the terms seem a bit harsh. ?No holiday for a year and no money over the Christmas break? ?Bad news. ? >:( ?Perhaps, when you have a bit of NZ experience under your belt, you can look for something less demanding. ?Hope they're paying you well to make up for all this. ?

    Sad about your puss. ?Guess it's up to you whether you want to pay out a large sum of money to ship her down and can rely on your brother to put her through all the tests etc. that are needed. ?Good news that she's happy with him, at least. ?It's even worse when they're sad and obviously missing you. ?

    Mother Bear

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