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    Default Recruitment Agencies


    I was wondering if anyone has any comments on recruitment agencies in NZ?

    I'm registering with an awful lot and basically we're going to move where I get a job. One thing I have noticed is that if you are temping or contracting a lot of agencies wont put you forward for jobs unless you live locally to the work place!

    For example in Rotorua both agencies were reluctant to put me forward for jobs in the CBD as I stay in Hamurana. It takes 15 mins to get from my house to the centre of the CBD in rush hour. It's just been by chance I got a temp job here.

    Is this the same in other area's or is just just something specific to Rotorua?

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    Default Re: Recruitment Agencies

    I'd have thought 15 mins. was a very reasonable commute time. What are they expecting? That you live on the company premises? ::)

    If you were to specify that you are prepared to relocate to wherever a job comes up, they should see that as a positive not a negative. I can't understand their logic.

    Is it possible that this temp job may turn into something more permanent, as in Stevey's case?

    Good luck to you in your job search. Hope something turns up soon.
    Mother Bear

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