Just to let all you keen fishermen/woman know that the new fishing permits are available this Sunday.

I think they said for a years pass it was $90 and for a daily one it's $18. The only part of NZ it doesn't let you fish is on Lake Taupo. They have their own fishing permits which you can get there.

If anyone is in Rotorua and needs fishing gear you should get yourself to an outdoor stall by Dunnings just parallel to Lake Road (for the life of me I cant remember the name of the street) but it's as if you just follow Fairy Springs Road right across the intersection. I think it may be SH5 but could be wrong???

They sold us a 12ft rod, reel, bate kit with knife, sharpner, torch, box, lots of packs of spinners and things all for $100!! The rod folds into 3 so it's ideal for fitting in the car when we go travelling.