Not to start a controversial thread (no seriously, controversy and quarreling are NOT the intention of this thread) but I am curious about politics, etc in NZ.

From the perspective of those who live in New Zealand: What is your take on the government, people, political attitudes, etc in your country?

some examples...
Is the government favored and respected by the people of New Zealand in general?

Is NZ more of a liberal or conservative nation? Or does this vary by city?

What are the most controversial political issues for kiwis today? (for example: in the States, things like national debt, gay marriage, abortion, health insurance, and the economy in general seem to be the big issues in our upcoming presidential election)

Just a few topics I'd like some insight on from all of you who live in NZ.
And feel free to add any other insights you might have regarding the country's politics, religions, issues, and, or course, please add some the the things you love about the nation of NZ as it pertains to these topics.

(And again....PLEASE don't turn this into a quarrelsome thread.