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    Default Election 2011

    So its election time and I'm all enrolled, one week to go and I still have no clue to who to vote for.
    Has anyone one got a clue about politics, policy and who they are voting for because I'm clueless!?

    I'm in clutha-southland so its a National stronghold :-( Not a fan of John Key's govt!!

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    Not very helpful I know, but not having any in depth knowledge of politicians, for myself I would tend to say 'If in doubt, leave it out'. Other than that, maybe ask around to see who everyone else favours or read up about the candidates on the Internet. To my mind, politics is always a minefield. How long have you been in NZ? May take a bit of time to get a feel for the various candidates.
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    John Key is an ex Currency Trader. You should be glad you have someone with his specialized skill set in charge during these these troubled times. He can see things coming that most people would not even understand after it happened. No small thing. No one in the country wants Phil Goff (Labour) running the country, he doesn't have a clue what is coming much less what is going on now. If you don't have a preference then vote for noone but focus on the referendum issue of how you want future votes to be counted to elect the countries leaders. It will have bigger impact on the future than who you elect.


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