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Thread: Boredom in nz

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    Default Boredom in nz

    hello everyone,we have been here now for 3 and half years now and been PR since june wife and daughter are now getting very bored here in nz.we are living in whangarei in the far north and wife is i think struggling.she thinks it is way too expensive here,especially shopping,plus she is working now in the hospital and i thought she would be ok,but alas now.the problem is she is finding she cant do much here.for us auckland is a 2 and half hour drive away,i know we have the best beaches up here,but when we go ,the kids have a walk about and then they say were bored and want to come back home.we have a few friends,not a lot.i know people will say ,move to auck or wellington,but it will be a upheavel and then moving house and renting or selling this one.we are thinking about applying for PR in australia.i am 44 years old and a boilermaker welder so work would not be a problem,wife also 44 health care assistant at hosp and boy /girl 16 and 14 years,plus 3 dogs.any words of advice please would be great

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    Hi Davey, welcome back.

    Sorry to hear all is not well with your new life in NZ. From what I've heard, the northern part of the country is more isolated from the big cities and it tends to be more expensive although very beautiful. As you say, the obvious thing would be to consider moving south where there is a lot more going on. I guess it depends what a person wants out of life as to where they need to settle. For those who like a quieter life, perhaps Whangerei might be their dream location. It might be an idea to sit your wife and daughter down and ask them to draw up a list of what exactly they want from their life in NZ. That would give you a starting point. Maybe what they want isn't available in NZ, maybe not even in Australia which would be an even bigger upheaval, so you need to identify exactly why they are so unsettled in Whangerei first before making any big decisions. It would be a disaster to shift everyone over to Oz only to find that your family is unhappy there too. I'm only assuming that your son is OK with NZ so how would he feel about a move? His feelings need to be taken into consideration, too. If your wife and daughter are actaully homesick rather than merely bored, I wouldn't be too confident that a move to Oz would help any and, if it came to it that they admitted they really want to go back home, I would stress that, over the years working on this forum, I have seen many people return home for various reasons, only to find the grass wasn't that much greener there after all. It wasn't as they remembered it or maybe they had changed into people who see things differently since being in NZ. Quite a number of them have either returned to NZ or are working towards getting back. This is a big decision and is not to be taken lightly until everyone's feelings are taken on board, so you don't satisfy one part of your family only to find the other part is now unhappy and unsettled. If your wife and daughter genuinely just need more action and entertainment, then a move nearer to a city is the only option. If there is something deeper going on, you need to identify the problem and work at it from that angle. Whatever, if you don't want to stay in Whangerei, one way or another, you're going to have an upheaval whether it's to Oz or a NZ city. Taking the city option would certainly be a lot cheaper than moving to Oz but, as I said, you need to be sure this will work first.

    Good luck with your decision. Let us know how it's going.
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    Before considering another upheaval, it might be worth looking further into what there is locally that would be of interest to them.
    In more rural centres, you do have do look for things to do rather than hear about them through the publicity things get in bigger centres.

    An example that springs to mind when you mention the beaches as boring, is surfing. Whangarei has some good surf spots nearby for learners and for more advanced surfers.
    They could get into swimming and lifesaving too, or go on a sailing course.
    There is also wildlife to investigate, and there are Department of Conservation volunteer groups they can join to get involved, learn more and meet people.
    With the dogs, regardless of what type they are, they could join a dog ability club, and have fun with training and socializing. Each person could take a dog as theirs to train.
    If none of this appeals, there will be other things that might, such as art and craft courses, and sports etc.

    All of these get people involved in something local and meeting people. Having any kind of goal soon gets rid of boredom.


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