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Thread: Christchurch Quake

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    Default Christchurch Quake

    Just got on here after a couple of days of business and wanted to offer a mention and thought to anybody affected by the most recent quake. Doesn't seem too serious but the news rarely offers a true reflection on how individual lives can ben thrown into turmoil in such disasters.

    Hope you're all ok anyway and anyone with rellies or friends down south are also at ease having spoken to them.

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    Thanks - by some miracle there were no deaths despite the time at which it occurred. I think this is partially due to the city centre still being off-limits to the public - heaven knows what would have happened otherwise?

    A lot of the clearing up work which had been done, was un-done by Mondays quakes. Liqufaction returned to the same areas ... some of which reported it being worse than previously. Also more rocks were shaken from the Port Hills affecting suburbs such as Sumner and Redhills.

    Still, I suppose statistically our odds of having to endure any more sizeable quakes must be reducing? So much for Septembers quake being a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience eh?
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    Glad you and yours are OK, Lou. There just doesn't seem to be any peace from it. Mother Nature is obviously having a really good reorganisation down there.
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    Still, I suppose statistically our odds of having to endure any more sizeable quakes must be reducing? So much for Septembers quake being a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience eh?

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